Intellectual Property


The company has exclusive rights to several patents and patent applications relating to cardiac stem cell technologies and therapies. These include the following:

Compositions and method for manipulating pim-1 activity in circulatory system cells, US Patent No. 8617534B2

These patents and applications are generally directed to stem cells that can differentiate into cardiac tissue and to their use in vivo to regenerate damaged heart tissue. The stem cells have been enhanced through gene therapy to upregulate expression of a natural pro-survival protein that facilitates differentiation and survival. Corresponding patents are issued in Europe and Japan and applications are pending in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Cardiac, mesenchymal and endothelial progenitor cell (cpc) chimeras and methods for making and using them, US Patent Application No. 20160346330A1

This application covers chimeric cells formed from fusion of two cells, for example, a cardiac precursor cell and a different stem cell, and also covers their use in therapy. The resulting cells have enhanced regenerative potential.

Macromolecular clusters of cardiac stem cells and methods for making and using them, US Patent Application No. 20160166617A1

This application covers organized clusters of cardiac precursor cells and/or other stem cells, in which the cells are assembled into the cluster in a predetermined relationship to one another. Such cardioclusters have enhanced regenerative potential in vivo.

In addition to patent rights, CardioCreate has extensive trade secret and know-how rights protecting its core technology.

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